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heartfelt adj : earnest; "one's dearest wish"; "devout wishes for their success"; "heartfelt condolences" [syn: dear, devout, earnest]

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From heart + felt


  • italbrac RP /ˈhɑːt.fɛlt/
  • italbrac US /ˈhɑːrt.fɛlt/


  1. Felt deeply or sincerely; felt or believed fully.
    She expressed her heartfelt sympathies at the death of his mother.


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Heartfelt is the sixth studio album by Filipino R&B singer Kyla, released by EMI Philippines on 2007.

Track Listing

01. Love Will Lead You Back (Taylor Dayne) 02. Always & Forever (Luther Vandross) 03. Brokenhearted (Brandy) 04. Over the Rainbow (Patti Labelle) 05. For You (Kenny Lattimore) 06. I Miss You So Much (TLC) 07. I Don't Have the Heart (James Ingram) 08. It's Over Now (Joey Albert) 09. I Don't Want You to Go (Lani Hall) 10. If I Were You (Tamia) 11. Someone (EMI) original 12. Last Chance (Allure) 13. Home (Brian McKnight) 14. Wait for You (Elliott Yamin) 15. With This Tear (Celine Dion) 16. One Day in Your Life (Michael Jackson)

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